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Image of many heads in different skin tones, highlighting diversity of thought and action.





for a changing world.

Equity-Driven Management Consulting

The three founders of 3PV Consulting. Ava Danville on the left, Dr. Jenice L. View in the middle, and Leah Danville on the right.

Three Points of View (3PV) Consulting LLC, is a family-owned management consulting firm that guides organizations to realize their equity goals.


Bringing over 80+ years of higher education, business relations, and international development experience, 3PV Consulting’s unique approach helps organizations create more equitable systems, workplaces, and communities.

Image of an arm with a world map tattoo stretched out. This image invites visitors to contact 3PV Consulting at

Is your organization ready to develop new habits, new skills, and new vocabulary for a changing world? Contact 3PV today to schedule a consultation.

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