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3PV Consulting has solutions for your diversity, equity & inclusion needs.

Becoming an equitable institution starts with individual self-reflections and extends to the policies and practices of organizations. Our consultants bring a robust array of experiences and are uniquely qualified to conduct a variety of equity-based consultancies, including but not limited to:

Image of people sitting around a table engaging in implementation planning. This is listed under 3PV's "Curriculum Design" service offering.

3PV takes pride in creating learning environments that help individuals and groups thrive.

Image of a group session in progress. Two groups are sitting in two circles talking. This is listed under 3PV's "Equity Audits" service offering.

Equity audits by 3PV use quantitative and qualitative data to assess the curriculum, programs, practices, and policies of an organization or community.

Image of four people standing in a circle talking with eachother. This is listed under 3PV's "Group Meeting Facilitation" service offering.

3PV provides processes for small and large groups to determine priorities and to create action plans.

Image of someone sitting down taking notes/an exam. This is listed under 3PV's "Intercultural Development Inventories" service offering.

By offering 1:1 and group debrief options, 3PV works with you to gauge your current capabilities to interact and adapt to different people of all social identities.

Image of people holding their hands in the air. This is listed under 3PV's "Programs with a Purpose" service offering.

3PV designs short and long-term programming that helps advance organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

Image of a woman speaking with a group of three colleagues with a white board with graphs behind her. This is listed under 3PV's  "Marketing for the Movement" service offering.

3PV can develop the strategy, visuals, and language to help you effectively convey your intercultural and antiracist messaging.

Image of a guy writing on a white board. This is listed under 3PV's  "Professional Development" service offering.

3PV helps professionals and organizations strengthen their DEI muscles to sustain accountable anti-racist actions. 

Image of a woman writing on a glass wall surrounded my four colleagues looking at her work. This is listed under 3PV's  "Research for Policy Action" service offering.

Each member of 3PV is a skilled researcher, with an eye toward sharing qualitative and quantitative data for use in taking policy action.

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